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Websites are the main requirement of every business in today’s world for reach out their Potential Customers Online. There are many Web designing Companies or Web Designers in Ludhiana But Antiex Solutions offered you Best Website Design & Development Services in Ludhiana such as template Based Websites, fully custom Websites, Semi-Custom websites and redesigning of your old websites. We have team of expert web developers and web designers to create each and every website.

We customize most of the websites on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magneto which are web’s Most popular content management system in the Market .Our customized websites are fully responsive which means they can work on tablet or mobile phones also. We have the team of Search engine Optimizations expert who will help you to rank your website Higher on Search Engines Organic Results. We also provide services of redesigning and maintaining your existing websites.

What is Website Designing

Website Design is where creative vision is fully realized.

Website design is the process of designing layout, colors, text styles & Graphics structure of any website using different skills and methods. On the other hand you can say that when the all hard work put in the project is converted into reality it is called website design. The various aspects Include in web designing like Brand identity graphic elements, User interface design (UI), user experience design (UX) and Optimize site for search engine like Google & Bing. Our designing expert team will optimize about your brand ,your targeted audience and your goals etc. to produce breathtaking results. Our team will Showcase you Ware-frame of your website to look on tablets, mobile phones and desktop before starting any coding.

Graphic Design

Some About Brand Identity

From a New Conceptualization to a brand refresh,we have Got You

Branding is the foundation of any website to survive & Create Reputed Image in the live environment. Branding Includes Your Company Logo, Tagline, Colors, Text Style. Some industries either have no knowledge of the branding or some are not using it. Branding is used to differentiate your product from the others. Our team will market your products through branding and it will engage and attract new customers. we will make sure you to bring new loyal customers for your products with our unique and different designs.

Some About UI + UX Design

UI / UX Design is where Great Concepts are Born.

The most common two connective words used in the design industry is User Interface & User Experience. User Interface design is connected with  the fundamental functionality and wire-frames of your website, mobile & Web application on the other side User Experience Design is basically related to the outer look of your website, story and feel told by your design. Antiex Solutions will allot you the expertise team of web designers who will ensure you to achievement of your goals and success of your project.

Website Design Packages

That We Provide to you

Template Based Websites

These websites are best options for the start up business Who has  a small budget. Templates are Basically Pre-Design Pages of Websites. Our designers will show you some templates according to your business and requirement of pages. After that you will select one of them and we will Arrange it according to your Content. Templates has Some Pro & Cons. you should have knowledge about them before starting the Template Based project.

Semi-Custom Websites

In Semi-custom websites We customized Pre-design Template according to the  needs and requirement of the clients. Semi custom websites provides more Flexibility to control the structural changes  & whatever you want in your website. Its pricing depends on the theming and functionality of the website. Likewise template Based websites, Semi custom websites are best suited for small medium enterprises than template based websites.

Custom websites

Custom Websites are Much More then Color Scheme, Images and Font type of your website. In Custom websites our team fully analysis your business & its goals. After that Each & Every Aspect of Website is Specially Designed for Achieving your Companies goal. Our team will fully explain you each concept of the website such as start up concept, structural planning and final concept. Custom websites provides you 100% satisfaction.

Website Redesigns

Nowadays, it’s extremely important for any business to have a easy-to-use & mobile responsive website. If you have a old design website that is not mobile responsive.it is sign that you need to redesign your Outdated website. We’ll review your existing website’s design, code and your overall goals to make Better User Experience and Higher Conversion design. Website redesigns vary in pricing and it  depends on the existing framework.

Responsive Web Design

In today’s world 75% population is using mobile phones than desktop and tablets for searching options To survive in online business industry you need to develop a website which should be mobile responsive & user friendly.it is most important feature of any website. Google also Considers mobile-friendly site as a ranking factor. All of our websites are mobile responsive which looks and work best on each & every screen and devices.

Website Maintenance

At Antiex Solutions, our website maintenance programs is meant to ensure you that your website is always up to date. We have Different-different Web Maintenance Packages According to your business. We offer you  website maintenance package which includes website maintenance program such as image updates, content updates, Products update, Managing your Blog and customer support via e-mail or Online Chat System .

Special Considerations & Add-Ons

We have covered so many types of web design services .Beside these services you will also get some special considerations. These considerations include some special functionalities like IDX integration, adding some special plugins ,event calendars and many more. We customize your website in the affordable budget of the customer.

E-commerce Web Design

We Specialize in E-commerce website design and development which focus on achieving the goals of your business. While creating eCommerce websites the things to be taken into consideration are – needs of the clients, goals and objectives of the business and its competitors. We use eCommerce Platform like Woo-commerce, Magneto, Open Cart etc.

Pricing is not fixed for any website, it is different according to your budget, goals and design of the website. Our team will help you to choose website options that which website should be suitable for your business.

Why Choose Us Over Others

Do you Know that Your Website Visitor Just take 50 Milliseconds for judging the worth of your Website. The Trustworthiness of your website can be easily  Assumed with Content and Design . They can easily decide weather your website is professional or not? We Antiex solutions website designing company in Ludhiana creates responsive and user friendly websites with best user experience.

If you want to Promote your Business Online then you need a marketing strategy to fulfill your goals and objectives. The essential part of your marketing strategy is your website. both the website & Marketing Strategy has an Huge impact on your profits and losses. Digital marketing & inbound Marketing are the best way to engage the audience to your website. Both the strategies  aims to Increase the growth and ROI of your Business. Our Digital Marketing Team will help you to drive more traffic and to increase conversions.


Is Your website include the following?

If it doesn’t, let’s discuss some ways we can help.

We take a mobile-first approach, so your website is optimized for all devices. From TVs to smartphones. It is imperative your website functions on every device that connects you to your audience.

Your website’s user-experience should be as seamless as possible. We apply our knowledge of UX to all of our projects, as well as test our designs with QA and UX testers.

Content is what drives users to your website. Having engaging and valuable content will keep your users engaged and coming back. We create the distribution platforms so you can tell your brand story.

All of our website designs are built on top of a CMS, allowing you and your team to effectively publish content and engage with your audience.

We take SEO & digital marketing very seriously. All of our websites are coded to be SEO friendly to improve your organic search results.

Provide your customers with valuable information and build your email list. Lead generation pages help increase conversions and drive business growth.

Capture your user’s email addresses and start focusing on email marketing. Your website is a great place to gather email addresses of customers who are already interested in your product or service

Your website needs to act as a conversion tool for your company. Make it easy for users to engage with your website and content

A website should be connected to all of your social channels, as well as provide users with an easy way to share and distribute your content.

Blogs are almost mandatory for SEO. Tell your brand story and seamlessly publish content to engage with your audience.

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Some Ways To Increase Engagement

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Content & Rich Media

To Survive in Today’s Competitive Business Industry & Getting Higher Ranking of your Website on Search engines, you Need to Provide qualitative, Informative and Relevant Content to Your Customers or Audience. Qualitative content with an image can engage more traffic to your website. Visual media helps to engage the audience by showing them Images, Video that give More Detailed information to your Niche. With the qualitative rich content you can increase the level of trust of the search engines, which will bring or Drive More quality traffic to your website. Our Digital marketing experts are  specialized in building SEO Optimize & Quality Content for your Website. Which will help you to get the higher ranking in the search engines. Rich media includes videos, pictures and info-graphics. Rich media can be easily shared by our digital mediums.

Effective & Responsive Design

An effective Responsive design of your website is used to give unique recognition to your website in the business industry. Some important information should also be included in the website to make it effective as well as attractive.by important  information Mean you should be described your products and services offered, contact information, payment methods and purchasing procedure. Our company will help you to aware your customers about your brand with influencing and effective designs. With the effective design of the website, there is also the need of responsive website. By responsive design we mean your website should be mobile responsive. When your website is mobile responsive then it can engage more customers. Our team of experts will help you to make your website up to date with Latest Technologies always.

Blogging & Social Media Integration

A blog is an effective way to create a topic related to your product and brand. Blogging is used to aware the customers about latest trends and technology which is related to your product or service with the help of blogging you can drive traffic to your website which can Later converted into your lead or Customer. New potential customers can be accessed by blogging. Blogging Becomes More effective with social media. with the blog content on social media you can drive more traffic to your website. Social media channels can be used like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Reddit for Sharing your blog

Quality Assurance & Usability

last but not least, Quality of your Website has huge impacts on the user experience. Well designed UI & UX Design gives An Extra Edge to your Website. When User Comes to your Website you always consider that People who visit your site feel confident about the quality of the Website & information they find. The usability of the website should not be too tough for the user. Because if the user found Hard to navigate your website or confused about its usability then he will easily leave your website and will Never come Back. Quality of the website is first checked by our developers with our own set of guidelines.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We will assess your needs and preferences in a website questionnaire. This is where you will be able to describe the type of website you want. You will also be able to provide us with examples of websites you like. We will use this information, and our own creativity, to build a website you’ll like.

It normally takes us 25-30 days to complete a website once we have everything that we need to start the website.

Once the site is developed, we will send you a rough draft of the site. You will be able to compile a list of edits and we will make them for you. We will go through two full revisions of your website to make sure you are happy with what we deliver.

We build all of our websites on WordPress. It is one of the best platforms to build a website on today. This is because it is packed with plugins and additional features that provide more customization than other platforms provide. It is also easy to maintain on your own.

If you have an existing website, we will not it down until the new website is complete. The new website will be developed on a temporary URL. We will not make it live on your domain until it is complete.

If you do not have an existing website, we can put a “Coming Soon” page up on your website while we are developing it. We will build the website on a temporary URL. We will not make the website live until the website is complete.

Yes, we can maintain your website. You can use us on an “as needed” basis or use our “unlimited” website maintenance plan. Our unlimited website maintenance plans include unlimited changes to your website, security, routine backups, and more. For more information on this, please contact us.

We would need access to your hosting account, domain name, logo files, and any content that would like to have on your website. Once we have this, we will design your website to your expectations.

Website hosting is the technology that makes websites accessible via the Internet. Without website hosting, users will not be able to view your website.

The domain is the unique URL destination of your website (ex: www.antiex.in

It is your choice to write the copy on your website. In most cases, our clients will provide us with the copy or an outline of what they would like. However, for an additional fee, we can write the copy for your website.

If you have images, we can incorporate them on your website. If not, we can use high-resolution stock images that reflect your brand.

Yes, we can Design your logo.

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